4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. You inspire me! I was flipping through the tv channels this morning when I found you on a documentary of sorts regarding poetry. I figured I would watch the rest of it before I headed off to school. Soon after the commercials there was a video clip of you reciting your work, “Sea Peach” wearing a red feather boa. It only showed part of the actual poem where you were telling about the shapeshifting fox in search of her fur skin. I was taken in by your unique approach to poetry. I figured I would leave you a comment, as a thanks for the delightful poetry you have shared with people. I hope to read/hear more of you and your art.

  2. CAT!

    i just came here to find out what time to be at the show on the 26th and ended up meandering through your videos; i saw that bit of sea peach (one of the few shows of yours i haven’t seen). it was beautiful. i am often awed by your talent. so glad you’re in this world right now.


  3. hi i’m a big fan will be in montreal 22nd november 2013 at drawn and quarterly to launch my book and i lost your email my name is nate get in touch bowlbrawl AT gmail DOT com ok? my new book is out with anvil press my book launch is in a few weeks and i’d love to see you hope you are well our last 2 visits i think were not good because of society

  4. When i first saw For Honor trailer and i heared your voice, i falled in love with Apollyon. I bought the game and every time i hear your voice my heart jump. I love every word you sad as Apollyon. Apollyon is great character with real warrior soul and your voice is beautiful. You did amazing job. I wish you all the best in your life. P.S. sry my english, im from Czech Republic

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