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Web-Header-darkHyena Subpoena is a masterwork by one of Canada’s most unique and accomplished creators for the page and stage.

Catherine Kidd is a force of nature. Transcendent and funky, her hybrid creations explore animal societies to frame deeply personal human stories, wowing theatre and poetry audiences alike.

Since bursting onto the scene in Montreal’s legendary underground cabarets of the early ’90s, Kidd has toured her works to poetry, music and theatre festivals from Harbourfront Worldstage to Glastonbury, from Oslo to Capetown.

Hyena Subpoena is a multimedia meditation on predator and prey, and the creatures within. We sit at a campsite and reflect on encounters with hyena families, a dying lion, lumbering elephants, endless antelopes – These stunning creatures conjure memories of the forces that shape our own lives and our drive to overcome.

Listen to the opening three poems Hyena Subpoena, Lion Queen and The Lottery for free at

TORONTO (July) – WINNIPEG (July) – Calgary (August) – Edmonton (August)
Victoria (Aug.-Sep.) – Vancouver (September)

The stories of Hyena Subpoena are inspired by a 2007 tour of South Africa, including weeks inside Kruger National Park where humans are enclosed and the wildlife roam free. Written in bungalow overlooking Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy in ’09, they were then refined through years of performance at poetry readings and festivals. The stage show was first performed in situ in a 19th-century factory in Montreal in 2011, before being recorded at Jacky Murda’s Barcelona studio and published as a CD/book in 2014. This publication earned prize nominations from the League of Canadian Poets, Quebec Writers’ Federation, and Expozine, a remarkable acknowledgement for a work of performance literature. Reconceived and re-launched in Singapore in 2016, and this summer Hyena will tour to Fringe audiences in six Canadian cities.



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