Missing the Ark (novel, 2007)

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Opening chapter, Green-Eyed Beans
Nominated for Journey Prize

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Chapter I: Green-Eyed Beans

Hyena Subpoena, (cd/book, 2014)

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Nominated for Raymound Souster Award (League of Canadian Poets)
Nominated for A. M. Klein Prize for Poetry (Quebec Writers’ Federation)
Nominated Best Book (Expozine)

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Hyena Subpoena
Lion Queen (Ode to a Dying Lioness)
The Lottery
Seeing the Elephant
The Trial
School of Hard Knock-Knock Jokes
You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

bipolar bear(dvd/book, 2010)

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Dream of Friends (a.k.a. Blue Orbs)

Sea Peach (cd/book, 2002)

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Winner MECCA Award for Best New Text

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Happy the Three-Legged Ghost Hamster
Sea Peach

everything I know about love I learned from taxidermy (cassette/chap book, 1996)

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