Georgia Straight review, Hyena Subpoena: “Prepare to be blown away.”

“Cat Kidd is a force of nature. (…) Kidd holds the audience spellbound (…) Prepare to be blown away.”

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Hyena Subpoena makes Mooney on Theatre’s Staff Picks

After reviewing all 160 Toronto Fringe shows of 2017, Mooney on Theatre staff published their top recommendations for this year’s edition. Hyena Subpoena made the list!

Ilana Lucas (…) wants to recommend the more hidden gem that is Cat Kidd’s Hyena Subpoena. It’s a show that delivers electric spoken-word poetry and evocative projections about the animals inside of us. Kidd is a masterful performer, and she spins wonders with words; go in prepared to listen with your whole mind and heart.”

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“I was leaning forward in my seat the whole time”

First review of the Summer Tour is in!

Opening night of Hyena Subpoena was “mesmeric,” “inventive,” “a commanding performance.”

Cat Kidd “stalks the stage like a predator” with “near-feral intensity.” And, the text “bristles with the joy of intricate language.”

“I was leaning forward in my seat the whole time.”

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Fresh ‘Hyena Subpoena’ review on


“The show is a reinterpretation, a reimagining, of all things maligned… Kidd expresses these notions – some of which are absolutely breath-taking – through relatable stories that are told from the point of view of various species: hyenas, antelopes, lions, humans. In this show, she does it with great finesse… Kidd is as playful and engaging as ever, but there is a new ingredient in the mix this time around. The level of risk, the edge in the work, brings a whole new dimension to her presence onstage.”

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