[Kidd] takes little shreds of language and lifts them up and turns them in the light, holding them, playing with them – searching them for meaning as if they were toys that had just come out of a black box, without instructions.
-Montreal Gazette

Clearly one of Canada’s most talented wordsmiths.
Broken Pencil (Toronto)



  • *Hyena Subpoena, CD/book (performance poetry). catherine kidd/wired on words, 2015.
  • Bipolar Bear, DVD/book (prose, performance poetry).  conundrum press, 2005.
  • Sea Peach, CD/book (performance poetry). conundrum press, 2002.
  • everything I know about love I learned from taxidermy, casette/book. (performance poetry). conundrum press, 1996.

*Nominated for A.M. Klein Prize for Poetry (Quebec Writers’ Federation), Raymond Souster Award (League of Canadian Poets), and Best English Book (Expozine).


  • Pistol (anthology). Short story: Behold the Ragged Dog, 2008.
  • Troc-paroles / Troc de paraules (anthology). Poems: Bipolar Bear and Lion Queen, 2008.
  • the portable conundrum (anthology). Short story: Niagara Falls. conundrum press, 2006
  • The Journey Prize Stories 17 (anthology). Short story: Green-Eyed Beans. McClelland & Stewart, 2005.
  • Short Fuse: The Global Anthology of New Fusion Poetry (anthology). Poem: Tale of a Horse Leech. Rattapallax Press, 2002.
  • side/lines: A New Canadian Poetics (anthology). Short story: Happy the Ghost Boy. Insomniac Press, 2002.
  • Ribsauce: a cd/anthology of words by women (anthology). Poem: Tale of the Horse Leech, Véhicule Press & Wired on Words, 2001.
  • Impure: Reinventing the Word – The theory, practice, and oral history of ‘spoken word’ artists in Montreal. conundrum press, 2001.
  • Meltwater: Fiction and Poetry from the Banff Centre (anthology). Short story: Tympanic Membrance. Banff Centre Press, 1998.
  • Moosehead Anthology (anthology). Poems: Eros & Pathos and Scales of an Orange. DC Books, 1997.


  • The Headless Bride (short story). PEN International magazine – “Heaven & Earth” issue, 2009.
  • *Green-Eyed Beans (short story). Matrix magazine, 2005.
  • The Origami of Found Objects, (essay). Ascent magazine, 2005.
  • Bumpy Passages (essay). Ascent magazine, 2005.
  • Aeroplane Bones (short story). This magazine, 2000.

*Nominated for Journey Prize.


  • psitticine flute. (short story – chapbook). conundrum press, 2000.

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