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“The show is a reinterpretation, a reimagining, of all things maligned… Kidd expresses these notions – some of which are absolutely breath-taking – through relatable stories that are told from the point of view of various species: hyenas, antelopes, lions, humans. In this show, she does it with great finesse… Kidd is as playful and engaging as ever, but there is a new ingredient in the mix this time around. The level of risk, the edge in the work, brings a whole new dimension to her presence onstage.”

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Hyena Subpoena premieres Oct. 13-29 at Les Ateliers Jean Brillant

Hyena Subpoena Poster, artwork by Mark Lang
Painting by Mark Lang (

Aug 26 Benefit Show: Little Scream, Roma Carnivale, Reversing Falls and Cat Kidd

Tickets available at

Little Scream, Reversing Falls and Roma Carnivale with Catherine Kidd
Hyena Subpoena Benefit Show, Aug 26 at Cabaret du Mile-End

August 26 @ Cabaret du Mile-End
Doors at 8pm, Tickets $15
5240 av. du Parc,

Tickets on sale now at

All proceeds to support the launch of
HYENA SUBPOENA by Catherine Kidd
Premiering Oct 13-29 at Atelier Jean Brillant

A Scapegoat Carnivale/Cat Kidd Coproduction


Little Scream:

Reversing Falls: reversingfalls.bandcam​

Roma Carnivale:​ale

Cat Kidd live at HYENA SUBPOENA preview show:

Solo show November 27 at Griffintown’s historic New City Gas (built circa 1860) – Free admission

Interior, New City Gas, Griffintown. Built circa 1860

Catherine Kidd solo performance at Griffintown’s historic New City Gas
One night only • Saturday, November 27, 8pm • 950 Rue Ottawa (Metro Bonaventure)
Entrance FREE • Stay and enjoy refreshments after the show

(Montreal) This November 27th an enchanting experience awaits audiences as two Montreal originals combine for one special evening of performance poetry in situ.

Beneath the rafters of New City Gas’s Dalhousie Hall, Catherine Kidd will preview works from her upcoming solo show Hyena Subpoena (to be launched in 2011) alongside road-tested favourites from previous works Sea Peach and Bipolar Bear. The pieces will feature original soundscapes by DJ Jacky Murda (Barcelona) and video environments by Kidd and Geoff Agombar.

This performance marks a return to source for Catherine, following an extended absence from Montreal stages to work on the Hyena Subpoena manuscript – a series of stories that interweave personal traumas in the life of narrator Ramona Morse with experiences and wildlife footage collected by Kidd and Agombar during a 2007 tour of South Africa.

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New City Gas, built circa 1860. 950 Rue Ottawa (Griffintown)Built in 1859-61, New City Gas was a key player during the industrialization of Montreal, producing and distributing gas which lit the city’s streets, homes and factories. The buildings’ stone masonry, vaulted spaces and stout, open rafters stand in testament to the ambitions of a bygone era of social upheaval and energy revolution. Today this industrial heritage lives on as the complex still houses a paper warehouse, even as various sections are converted to fresh uses as galleries and ad hoc performance spaces.

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Catherin Kiddon stage at the Banff Centre. Photo: James Tworow

An incontournable of Montreal’s spoken word scene since the early ’90s, Catherine Kidd has forged a reputation as one of the nation’s most surprising and inspiring voices for page and stage. Her award-winning multimedia poetic creations have toured Europe, Asia, Africa, UK, US and Canada.

Slight but dominating this ‘goddess of beats’ transfixes with her adult blend of Dr. Seuss and Aesop’s Fables. — The Scotsman (Edinburgh)

“Our city’s newest superstar… a knockout… This Kidd is pure gold.” — Montreal Gazette

Catherine Kidd’s performance style makes me think of Dr. Seuss meets Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom meets David Suzuki meets Vaudeville meets Patti Smith. Yeah, it is that good. It’s a musical theatre crash course in punk rock zoology. — T.L. Cowan (Calgary International Spoken Word Festival)

Clearly one of Canada’s most talented wordsmiths. — Broken Pencil (Toronto)

Samples of Kidd’s work are available at

Contact:, 514.276.0839

Sea Peach (live at Bain St-Michel)

SEA PEACH: Recorded 2002, during the original staging of the multimedia stageshow of the same name. Performed in the deep end of an abandoned Montreal swimming pool, with video projection on the tiled wall, and original soundscapes mixed live on turntables by DJ Jack Beets.

Description: This sea creature looks remarkably like a human heart. In finding a peacable balance between giving and taking, it becomes a powerful emblem of love.

from Sea Peach (conundrum press)