Hyena Subpoena launch event (Montreal) May 29 at La Vitrola

Poster: Hyena Subpoena launch, May 29--LaVitrola
‘Hyena Subpoena – seven poems with soundscapes’ is the newest release from poet/performer Catherine Kidd with longtime musical collaborator Jacky Murda (aka dj Jack Beetz), published by Wired on Words.

Hyena Subpoena premieres Oct. 13-29 at Les Ateliers Jean Brillant

Hyena Subpoena Poster, artwork by Mark Lang
Painting by Mark Lang (www.marklang.ca)

Aug 26 Benefit Show: Little Scream, Roma Carnivale, Reversing Falls and Cat Kidd

Tickets available at liftticketsystem.com/hyenasubpoena

Little Scream, Reversing Falls and Roma Carnivale with Catherine Kidd
Hyena Subpoena Benefit Show, Aug 26 at Cabaret du Mile-End

August 26 @ Cabaret du Mile-End
Doors at 8pm, Tickets $15
5240 av. du Parc, www.lemileend.org

Tickets on sale now at

All proceeds to support the launch of
HYENA SUBPOENA by Catherine Kidd
Premiering Oct 13-29 at Atelier Jean Brillant

A Scapegoat Carnivale/Cat Kidd Coproduction


Little Scream: facebook.com/littlescream

Reversing Falls: reversingfalls.bandcam​p.com

Roma Carnivale: myspace.com/romacarniv​ale

Cat Kidd live at HYENA SUBPOENA preview show: